Trail Guide Flexibility
By now, you have surely noticed that some of the Trail Guides are "biking" trails, some "walking trails," etc. So what if you want to use a different method of transportation.  Well, of course you are free to use what makes sense to you. While we might call a trail guide a "biking" trail because we think it is most suitable for bikes, in most cases, you can read the guide carefully, and look at the map, and may then use walking or a car for all or at least a portion of the trail. Walking trails usually do require that you drive to the location and park--driving from site to site may be difficult and even dangerous. While the canoe trails are most suitable for canoes or kayaks, a careful reading will show that in many areas, you may enjoy the land next to the "canoe trail"by walking or biking (eg., along the canal).

Please use the Trail Guides as starting points for your adventure. Use your own imagination and initiative. And be sure to tell us your experience either on the SRT blog or via email. Enjoy!