Traveler's Advice

Touring in a rural area takes a "plan ahead" mentality. In the countryside, you won't find gas stations or fast food restaurants every few blocks, or even every few miles. If you and your kids are hungry, or someone needs a bathroom break, or your car is low on fuel — what to do?

Plan ahead is one answer (get your snack supplies before you begin the trip). Knowing where things are (how far to the nearest gas station?) is another strategy.

This section will help you identify where in the Sugarloaf Regional Trails area you can find the essentials.

Grocery stores — full service grocSeries are in Germantown, Poolesville, Urbana

Convenience stores — located in Hyattstown, Clarksburg, Boyds, Dickerson, Poolesville, Whites Ferry, Point of Rocks and Seneca (Poole's General Store)

Restaurants/Coffee shops — Hyattstown, Comus, Germantown, Poolesville, Clarksburg, Urbana

Fuel/Gas stations — Hyattstown, Clarksburg, Germantown, Poolesville, Point of Rocks, Urbana

Public Restrooms — Most places that serve food or sell gas will have a public restroom; take advantage of it! However, some convenience stores do not have public restrooms. Large public parks, public museums (e.g., Monocacy Battlefield, the Mooseum) and public libraries (in Poolesville and Germantown) will have restrooms. Porta-potties can be found near the parking areas at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, the Monocacy Aqueduct parking area, Whites Ferry and at many smaller public parks.